by admin 09/08/2023

Genoa Black is pleased to announce their successful bid for the highly sought-after Glasgow Business Growth Framework.

The company has successfully secured contracts for three key lots, namely Lot 2 for Business Growth, Lot 6 for Sales and Marketing, and Lot 7 for Internationalisation. This achievement endorses Genoa Black’s position as a prominent player in the business growth consultancy landscape in Scotland.

The Glasgow Business Growth Framework, an initiative launched by the Glasgow City Council, aims to support local businesses in expanding their operations, enhancing sales and marketing strategies, and exploring new international markets. The framework offers a range of opportunities for companies to access professional services and expertise, helping them accelerate their growth and development.

Commenting on this significant achievement, Gaynor Duthie, Managing Partner of Genoa Black, said, “Securing these three lots within the Glasgow Business Growth Framework is an excellent achievement for us. We are excited to leverage our expertise and work closely with local businesses to drive their growth, enhance their sales and marketing efforts, and unlock new international opportunities. This framework aligns perfectly with our vision of supporting business growth, and we are eager to make a positive impact on the Glasgow business community.”