Blackadders LLP

Making the case for social media

Brief / Requirement

We were appointed by Blackadders LLP in late 2015 to develop a social media strategy for the Scottish law firm.  The objective was to focus the firm’s digital marketing activity and drive traffic to the firm’s website, showcasing the expertise their team has across Scotland and generate business leads.

Campaign and deliverables

In order to develop an effective digital marketing strategy, we conducted both quantitative and qualitative research with competitor and industry reviews as well as internal stakeholder interviews.  Working with both senior and junior members of the award-winning law firm, we held a practical workshop advising the team on specific ways their social media marketing can be improved to deliver better results with regards to engagement with the firm’s blogs and website content. 

Following the workshop, strategic recommendations were delivered which focused around three main objectives; to raise the brand profile of the firm with its target audiences, drive traffic to the website and showcase Blackadders’ expertise and client offering.

Having delivered coaching to teams across Blackadders’ corporate services department in Aberdeen and Dundee, we are looking forward to continuing to work with Blackadders to create and deliver compelling content for online channels.


Social media buy in across the teams, leading to greater use of social media and content marketing.

Greater visibility on LinkedIn and higher engagement with posts through use of LinkedIn Pulse. 

Both Kyle and Victoria were excellent and managed to fully engage the whole room throughout the two-hour training session. They provided my colleagues with excellent tips and tricks in order to make the most of their social media profiles.
— Simon Allison, Employment Law Partner, Blackadders LLP