Quorum Cyber

Sector : Financial Services

Branding the frontline of cyber-crime.

Quorum Cyber is a rapid growth global Cyber Security specialist ensuring companies are defended against cyber threats, breaches, and attacks.

In a time of unprecedented change and persistent cyber-attacks, Quorum Cyber understands the unique and evolving security challenges companies face, ensuring clients have the appropriate measures and controls in place to mitigate cyber security risks, thus enabling communities of staff, employees, and partners to work with a greater sense of confidence, safety, and security.

We were given the challenge to design and establish a consistent brand language across all touchpoints.

Genoa Black have worked with Quorum Cyber to plan, design, and deliver a brand design strategy that supports their rapid growth trajectory.

This has entailed presenting the company as a global player and delivering brand consistency across all platforms, planning, and establishing a brand journey as Quorum Cyber grows.

Our creative studio has planned and delivered brand activation ensuring all touchpoints project a strong sense of style and consistency. From a simple business card to their global summit, Quorum Cyber now presents itself with the confidence of a major player in the cyber space.

Services offered:

Market research
Competitor research

Brand strategy

Outsourced design team

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