Eden Mill

Finding the spirit of a brand

Brief / Requirement

In 2014 Eden Brewery appointed us to develop an overarching brand framework for the Eden Brewery brand and a new distillery brand that would be launching in the summer.

Campaign and deliverables

Further to extensive market research and facilitated workshops with the Eden Brewery team, a new brand strategy for the portfolio was taken through to detailed brand and packaging briefs for the Distillery brand, a new Gin and a new Whisky. 


The project resulted in us recommending a new destination name for the brand of “Eden Mill” which formed the cornerstone of a brand strategy around both product and location.

The brand positioning and name was then driven across:

  • New product packaging focusing on the heritage and food and drink credentials of the St Andrews and Fife region
  • Website key messages and content
  • Introductory brand video



Eden Mill
Eden Mill