Glen Tanar

Brief / Requirement

  • Develop a new brand identity, brand proposition and target personas
  • Develop and implement a digital marketing strategy to drive brand awareness and destination marketing
  • Implement destination marketing campaigns to promote Glen Tanar and its specific core offers: weddings, outdoor activities, holiday cottages and corporate events.

Campaign deliverables

A brand strategy and customer proposition was developed following stakeholder workshops, customer feedback, occupancy and footfall review.  New brand identity was developed to reflect the elegant but contemporary look and feel of Glen Tanar, founded on its Scottish location and heritage. Destination marketing creative developed and rolled out across online and offline platforms. Social media campaigns focusing on increasing brand recognition and engagement was delivered over all social media channels.

The results

  • Brand identity rolled out across all marketing assets
  • Comprehensive brand guidelines incorporating new brand proposition, key messages, brand identity and assets was developed
  • Website traffic increase by 53%
  • Social media reach increase by over 600% on LinkedIn, 500% on Facebook, over 600% on Twitter, over400% on Instagram
  • Guest blogger, media and PR engagement and new brand partnerships.
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