Digital Day: Be Ahead of the Game

Last week saw the triumphant return of Marketing Society Scotland’s fantastic Digital Day. Now in its fourth year, Digital Day saw marketers, business professionals, and eager learners come together to discuss the future of digital in marketing, the latest innovations and how to stay ahead of the game. Steph Smith, Marketing Executive at Genoa Black, was in attendance.


For many businesses in the UK, the challenges of the past few years have provided clear and simple routes forward to new product or service creation, innovation, agility, new markets, new customers.

Working with many companies across all sectors, we have successfully developed and customised an approach that uses classic marketing approaches and the best independent talent at the heart of a business's growth strategy.

A Taste of Things to Come

Scotland is proud of its heritage and is globally recognised for its history, culture, and high-quality produce. It is a testament to the Scottish people and businesses that have upheld this reputation through their exports, stories, and experiences they provide for those visiting. In the past few years, particularly in Aberdeen and the North-East, there has been a greater focus on enhancing this reputation and investing in local businesses to grow its unique offering.