Genoa Black makes the case for social media

Following the recent appointment of digital specialist Victoria Grozier as Director in Aberdeen, Genoa Black is delighted to have been appointed by Blackadders LLP to develop a social media strategy for the Scottish law firm.   

As part of an initial social media strategy project, Genoa Black conducted competitor and industry research, as well as internal interviews and a workshop that focused on the award-winning law Firm’s current social media offering and ways that this could be grown and improved.

The resulting strategic recommendations is focused around raising the brand profile of the Firm and driving traffic to the website, showcasing Blackadders’ expertise and client offering. Currently delivering group-mentoring sessions to the corporate teams in Aberdeen and Dundee, Genoa Black is looking forward to continuing to work with Blackadders to create and deliver compelling content for online channels.

Simon Allison, Employment Law Partner at Blackadders commented, “Genoa Black was faced with a tough crowd – a group of lawyers with mixed levels of social media knowledge, most of whom were not keen to engage on this platform. However both Kyle and Victoria were excellent and managed to fully engage the whole room throughout the two-hour training session. They provided my colleagues with excellent tips and tricks in order to make the most of their social media profiles.”

He added, “We will continue to use Genoa Black for our marketing purposes and would highly recommend them to others who need such assistance.”

Victoria Grozier, Director of Digital and the North East at Genoa Black said, “The team at Blackadders already do plenty when it comes to digital marketing, which is admirable. Our task now is to focus their digital marketing activity so that it can show actual results when it comes to driving traffic to their site, showcasing the expertise their team has across Scotland and essentially generate business leads.”