Genoa Black appoints new President on 'Bring Your Kid To Work Day'

TAY take your child to work day

Globally renowned marketing company Genoa Black, has appointed a new president with the remit of developing Genoa Black’s offering across “stuff”.

Tay Kinloch, the former library monitor in Prep 2 will take up the post, working alongside Genoa Black’s team of marketing bods, bringing lots of energy and a big pot of colouring pens. 

She is tasked with driving forward the company from a certain perspective and of course is so young she doesn’t actually cost much.  She is digitally pretty good and can look up lots of princess stuff on youtube in no time.

In this role with Genoa Black Tay will be responsible for setting business strategy, developing and leading the team and developing the company’s services as well as all colouring in.

Tay said: “Having worked with Genoa Black since I was a wee girl I was keen to become a hands on President. I see how well my Dad drives the company and I thought I’d bring a bit of, well I don’t know, call it ‘Je ne sais pas’. My first priority is to land Disney as a client so that I can get discounted dolls and things!"

She continued, “Genoa Black is a great company to work with and for. The staff are ugly so I’ll bring in some much needed good looks not to mention experience, passion and dedication. I love ice-cream and babyccinos so frankly I fit right into the culture. Many of the team vie for my affection – but I will be the judge of that.”

Founder and largely lacking in a title at Genoa Black, Claire Kinloch, said she was excited to work with Tay as she needs a return on her parenting investment to date. She said: “Tay brings significant experience in a few things and a real understanding of princesses. She has worked in the company HQ in a non-established role for several years now so has extensive knowledge of existing relationships within the company.”