My First Steps Into The World of Marketing

My graduation from University was a mixture of emotions - relief that I was finished studying and no longer had to stress about exams and deadlines (at least for a little while); sadness that my time at university had come to an end; but mostly excitement for what I would do next.


After lots of celebrating and a care-free summer, it was time to sit down and figure out what I really wanted to do and how. This can be a daunting task, especially when graduating in an Arts subject - for me, English Literature and Language - as there is not always an end job or career path you are set to go into once you graduate. On the other hand, you have so many possibilities as you are not pigeon-holed into one line of work and it meant that I could really think about what interested me and areas of work I felt really passionate about. 

Halfway through university I became very interested in marketing and loved the idea of using my English degree and the skills I had developed in a business environment, I decided marketing was the career path I wanted to take.

This summer, I came across Genoa Black and their ‘Shipmate in the Making’ programme and it sounded like the ideal opportunity for me to gain invaluable experience in marketing and really learn the ins and outs of a marketing company. It was the perfect graduate role, the application process was exciting and different, including creating my own video and piece of writing and I was determined to be part of it.

Fast forward a month, and here I am, Marketing Graduate at Genoa Black. I was over the moon to be offered the role and couldn’t wait to get started and learn more about the world of marketing. A graduate role is really ideal as Genoa Black can provide me with the tools, expert knowledge and professional insight to allow me to discover my own potential and learn on the job. I was delighted that they saw me as someone who fit in with their marketing values and that I could work for such a fast-growing, ambitious and energetic company.


One week in and it has already been beyond my expectations. Don't get me wrong, it has been intense and there has been a lot of information to take in but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The best way to learn is to be thrown in the deep end and get straight to work. I would never have thought I would already be writing my own blog and been given a number of responsibilities under the support and guidance of the rest of the team. Everyone has been so friendly and encouraging and I already feel welcome and settled into my new job. It is rare that you are able to work somewhere you can know every member of staff personally and it really does feel like one big family.

My first week has been such an eye-opening experience. Observing how a marketing company runs and the variety of things to be working on has proved that no day at Genoa Black will ever be the same. With such a wide range of client projects and sectors, there are so many possibilities of the type of work to be doing. From undertaking market research, to devising marketing strategies and creating brand identities and websites, there is still so much for me to learn and I can’t wait to get stuck in on different projects and bring something fresh and new to the team!

One of the best parts for me, is that Genoa Black want to help me develop and contribute to the team, I am not just the admin girl or here to make teas and coffees. I am really excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to see where I will be in a few months time!