Scottish Craft Beer Making Their Mark


Here's a guest blog from our friends at Fierce Beer, sharing their industry knowledge and experience. Hope you find it as insightful as we did. Check out their website - link at the end of this blog. 

Within the past year, the number of UK breweries operating in the country has increased by 8% to around 1,700. A clear indication of the popularity of craft beer, these growing numbers are excelling across Scotland too, with many new breweries popping up all over the nation.

Launching a micro-brewery in the middle of an oil and gas downturn may seem like a brave thing to do, or an insane thing to do to some. However, for us at Fierce Beer, Aberdeen’s first micro-brewery, it’s only just the beginning…

Since establishing in April 2016, Fierce Beer has now produced over 50,000 litres of beer. Based in Dyce, our micro-brewery, which started as a home-brew business, boasts a new stainless steel brewing setup, six fermenting tanks, and an in-house bottling and labelling machine. 

With ten brews in the core range, a number of limited edition brews in the bag, and our beers now found in bars across the UK from John O’Groats to London, Fierce has only just scratched the surface.

The local scene:
Aberdeenshire is the home of Scottish craft beer thanks to craft beer giants, BrewDog. Why we don’t play on this more is beyond me, I mean surely if we can be the oil and gas capitol of Europe, we could also be the Scottish capital of craft beer, no?

There’s plenty going on locally with other Aberdeenshire breweries including Six Degrees North and Deeside Brewery operating on huge scales. Slowly but surely we’re catching up with them creating a name for ourselves nationally, as well as locally. The brewing industry is very supportive and collaborative industry, everyone really enjoys working together and learning from one another and that’s one part of it which we truly fell in love with - as well as the beer of course. Working in the industry we’ve made a lot of great friends, and we continue to do so as we venture further afield internationally too. We’re in the process of collaborating with breweries from other countries which is extremely exciting, and we can’t wait to share these awesome products with our supporters. These brews are something totally unique and with two different cultures behind it, will be a great combination of our brewing methods and knowledge.


What’s next for the industry?
Breweries are becoming increasingly profitable and drinkers are now willing to pay premium prices for high-quality craft beers, which is also influencing increasing sales of other food and drinks. 

There has also been a rise in artisan food and drink products following the craft beer phenomenon. Many entrepreneurs are now jumping to the chance of making their own beer, managing to make profits from something they love doing - it’s no surprise many others are following in their footsteps.

With beer blogging influencers popping up all over social media, and apps such as UnTappd proving hugely popular with thousands of people sharing their favourite beers online craft beer is a growing industry in many, many ways.

Craft beer is not only helping bolster Scotland’s economy, it’s providing hundreds of jobs across the nation, equipping individuals with new skills, and re-inventing and re-discovering traditional methods which were once used hundreds of years ago.

Many thanks to Louise Grant of Fierce Beer for so much insight! Read more from Fierce Beer on their blog here:

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