Boosting your digital presence

At this month’s Digital Boost conference, held in Glasgow and run by Scottish Enterprise and Business Gateway, some interesting statistics were shared with the SMEs in the room. 

  • The UK is the number one global online purchaser beating even the US with the amount we spend and the amount time we spend online. 
  • 83% of the UK are now online and this is only set to grow with the increased installation of superfast broadband
  • On average each UK household has 3.1 devices, higher than anywhere else in the world.

So faced with this dominance of digital participation businesses can’t afford to not be online. Here are some top tips to help ensure that you are maximizing your digital presence.

1.     Get your website into tip top condition.  To really benefit from the digital explosion your website needs to offer more than simple information.  First of all it needs to be clear in its calls to action i.e. what do you want customers to do once they are on your site.  Without making this clear you may lose potential business at the first hurdle.  You need to offer valuable content for the target audience to engage with them and to create a connection with them; you want to get your audience to participate with you online rather than simple promoting to them.  Your site needs to be able to be analysed and you should analyse it as regularly as you can to know what people are looking at and where you are losing them off the site.  And above all else, with mobile searches now having overtaken desktop searches, your site needs to be mobile friendly.  A simple checker to see if your site is mobile friendly can be found at

2.     Understand your audience.  You need to know who they are and what their behaviour is.  What are they looking for from your business?  This is vital to ensure that you are telling them what they want to hear and save you valuable time and resource in not creating online content that isn’t relevant.  Consumers today are information gatherers and most visitors to your site won’t be ready to make an imminent purchase or decision but will be looking for help and advice.  In order to eventually buy from you, they need to trust you first and this can all be done through engaging and relevant content that is right for them.

3.     Create great content.  Once you know your audience it will be easier to create the right content for them so that they trust you, buy from you and return to you again and again.  Content needs to encourage participation rather than promotion – no consumers want the hard sell.  Content can come in many forms be that imagery, words or videos and providing a mix will appeal to and be seen by more people.  And you don’t always have to create your own content, which can be time consuming.  You can curate content from other people and sources, and even find contributors who will provide you with their content that you are able to share with your audience.

4.     Publish your content and amplify it.  Choose the right social channels for your audience and manage it well.  Whether it be Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, do it well, do it regularly, do it consistently and don’t be afraid to try something new.

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