My Digital Summer

Having recently graduated with a degree in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh, I was faced with the rather daunting decision of how to spend my summer. I made the journey back to my hometown of Aberdeen knowing that whilst I had a place at Robert Gordon’s University (RGU) for a Masters in Digital Marketing, I really needed to gain as many skills and experience in marketing as I possibly could to increase my prospects and assist me in gaining my dream job!

After hearing about the opportunity to intern for Genoa Black through my mum who attends networking group, BNI with Senior Marketing Executive at GB, Kyle Yeats, I wrote an application and attended an interview. I was absolutely delighted when I received an email from Genoa Black to confirm that I was to join their shipmate crew as a summer Intern!

Many of my friends and course mates have decided to spend their last summer of freedom travelling before they have to grow up and get that ‘grown up’ job and I will admit there have been times when I’ve been scrolling through my Facebook feed, looking at all their gorgeous pics of sunlit beaches, tropical jungles and African safari’s when I’ve been left wondering what I’m doing at home in dark, cold and rainy Aberdeen.

However I can honestly say that thanks to the marketing experience with Genoa Black and the skills I have learned whilst interning, I would not change my post-uni summer for anything. Even if it means I’ve missed out on that chance to hug a koala or get a great tan! 

During my first month of working for the young, enthusiastic and dynamic marketing company, I have learned a lot which will stand me in good stead for when I do start my Msc in Digital Marketing at the end of summer. Everyone has been incredibly welcoming and they have all encouraged me to develop my skills by giving me a wide variety of tasks to fulfil. It’s not just been tea and coffee making in this internship!

From learning how to schedule posts on social media, carry out market research, phone members of the public to arrange focus group meetings, and learn about numerous digital tools and techniques that can be used to help companies to expand their reach and grow as businesses.

Interning for Genoa Black has given me a great introduction to marketing as a whole, and I have been surprised by the number of services that the company offer. They really do assist businesses with everything from market research to devising marketing strategies and creating websites. Whilst I am sure that not everyone’s experiences of interning is the same, and I’m sure that sometimes companies do just want to give you all the boring tasks, my experience of interning at Genoa Black has taught me how valuable internships can really be.

So whilst I still get the daily updates from my friends and course mates on Facebook of their amazing post university travels, I am glad that I have spent my summer interning for Genoa Black, and developing skills that I know are going to help me get my dream digital marketing job in the future. With another two months left of the internship, I am looking forward to seeing how I further develop my skills over the next few months and learning more about marketing from the Genoa Black crew!