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Brief/ requirement

Following a digital audit and strategy project through Business Gateway’s Digital Boost programme, a new digital marketing strategy for Westburn Finance was developed. The key focus of the strategy was to position Westburn Finance as the leading finance broker in the North East of Scotland for personal and commercial finance solutions. In order to support this objective Genoa Black was appointed to develop a key messaging framework for both divisions of the business and a new website to provide a clearer user journey, and in turn increase website traffic, provide an online quote facility and increase sales leads.



The first phase of the project sought to develop a core proposition for Westburn Finance to inform tailored messaging for each of their target audiences. Internal interviews were conducted to ensure the developed proposition and messaging was authentic and representative of the business as a whole. Messaging guides were created for the personal finance and commercial finance areas of the business, considering the audiences’ needs and challenges and articulated Westburn Finance’s unique customer value proposition.

Following an in depth review of the Google Analytics, it was clear, that the existing website was not performing as intended and users were unable to find the information they required. Using these insights a website brief was developed with new website copy to reflect the new messaging guides and a new, fully responsive website was developed.  This included a new ‘Get a Quote’ service for clients to receive instant quotes for their finance enquiries and detailed team profiles supporting the personal service Westburn Finance provides to all clients.



The new website resulted in a 150% increase in number of users, 215% increase in number of sessions, 462% increase in page views, 78.73% increase in number of pages viewed per session and an increase of 60.35% in session duration. These analytics, along with a 22.71% drop in bounce rate, have provided a much higher performing website for Westburn Finance and ongoing marketing activity both on and offline will support the marketing objectives of Westburn Finance moving forwards.