In the wee county last week, there was a gathering.  Local business owners from the Clackmannanshire community were invited to the Inglewood House and Spa (@Inglewood_House) to form a digital community with the intention of working together to promote Clackmannanshire and all that it offers as a Scottish tourist destination.

The man with the ambition and drive to make all of this possible, Steven Campbell from Discover Clackmannanshire (@DiscoverClacks), explained how he successfully applied to the Visit Scotland Growth Fund.  He then unveiled the results of their hard work with a brand new website and collaborative online marketing strategy. The take-away message from Steven was that he has built a new site and now needs support from local businesses.  The opportunity for companies in the area is to showcase their business on the Discover Clackmannanshire website alongside existing content, which highlights the area’s rich history and jaw-dropping scenery. The plan from now is to populate the site with tourism opportunities that can add value to the offering for visitors to the area.

As you may expect, a key aspect of the plan involves the use of social media to help drive traffic to the new site. Yet, a real highlight for me was that the event was neatly echoing the online strategy and physically bringing the community together to tackle the task ahead. As digital marketers, it can often be lost in translation that the followers we interact with online are living, breathing people who have aspirations for their channels and a multitude of digital challenges to face. It was clear from the conversations at each table that there was commonality in the problems faced by local businesses in the digital space and the second presenter of the evening did a great deal to tackle some of these.

Scottish blogger, radio presenter and social influencer, Neil Robertson (@travelwithakilt) , gave some brilliantly practical hands-on advice about best practice and the most successful ways to use social channels to achieve your desired results.

From advice on creating engaging content, which channels to choose, working around diminishing audience attention spans or working with social influencers to multiply social reach and leverage trusted networks, Neil covered a lot of ground in a very relatable way. 

When thinking about a social media strategy, link building and sincere engagement with your online community are vital elements of a successful plan. Events like this, may seem counter intuitive in an increasingly digital world, but they are a fantastic way of getting closer to target audiences, understanding their needs, galvanising support and uniting them with a common aim. The Discover Clackmannanshire event did a sterling job of all of these things. The room was buzzing with discussion about how to get involved as well as how to improve their collective online presence – we can’t wait to see the results.

Follow their journey and find out what’s on in Clackmannanshire by following the hashtag (#DiscoverClacks) or visiting their website.

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