Welcome! Genoa Black was honoured to be invited our client’s, Neatebox, launch event. Neatebox has now launched their innovative and award-winning customer service app, Welcome.

Welcome is a free-to-download app which supports customer service teams to provide a five-star level of service to people with disabilities who arrive at their location. It promotes inclusion and equality at its core and it recognises that all parties need support during this initial meeting.

There are already a number of forward-thinking businesses who have already installed this amazing service, including Edinburgh AirportForth Valley Sensory CentreLevels Café, the Falkirk Wheel, the Kelpies and The Royal Bank of Scotland, with many more in the pipeline.

The Welcome launch event, held at Levels Café in Edinburgh, proved to be a huge success, judging by the smiling faces and excited atmosphere. Canapés, drinks, music and conversation were flowing, and then the Neatebox team took to the stage. To introduce the Welcome app to those who were unfamiliar with it, CEO, Gavin Neate, talked passionately and gave several video examples to highlight the difficulties that some people experience on a day-to-day basis, doing daily activities that most people take for granted.

The Scottish tech company have been building on the success of their breakthrough “Button” app – which presses the button for you at a pedestrian crossing without you having to physically touch the button. This issue and the benefit the Neatebox tech brings to users has been captured in videos such as one where a blind elderly lady and her guide dog put their lives at risk by simply trying to cross the road. Or the sheer delight on one man’s face when the app allowed him to cross the road with ease and independence.

The audience, including the Genoa Black team, were in awe at the potential for Welcome to positively impact people’s lives and change their daily experiences. The event left attendees informed, excited and passionate to be involved with Neatebox and further social ventures who are making a difference.

Neatebox are truly an inspiring company, one which Genoa Black are proud to work with, and one which we hope to continue working with as they progress with their successes. Congratulations to Gavin and the Neatebox team!

If you would like to be introduced to Neatebox, see the work we’ve done for them or if you are also looking for marketing support, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us– we’re looking forward to hearing from you!