Genoa Black is delighted to be attending the biennial Offshore Europe event this week at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre. With more than 1000 suppliers on the exhibition floor and over 50,000 attendees, it is a key opportunity to engage with the industry and expand your knowledge, developing new insights.

For many businesses in the energy industry, the challenges of the past few years has provided clear and simple routes forward to new product or service creation, innovation, agility, new markets, new customers.

Often, the complexity of the dynamic across customer and supplier relationships, capability restrictions, shareholder pressures and demands has meant seeing the wood from the trees has not been straightforward and still remains a real burden on the shoulders of business leaders. Working with many companies in the sector, Genoa Black have successfully developed and customised an approach that uses classic marketing approaches and the best independent at the heart of a business’s growth strategy.

Whilst the industry brings its challenges, it also brings opportunities. Opportunities to understand how your business offering now fits into the new reality. And how it can create value for your customers. Offshore Europe 2017 is the perfect opportunity to kick start the process of getting fit for the new reality of the energy sector. We will be at the event all week, come talk to us and discover how we can create value and provide some break-through ideas to help you get there.

Contact us – we’d love to hear from you.