Our Managing Director, Claire Kinloch, reflects on our new little brand evolution…

I may have mentioned to some contacts that Genoa Black was looking to develop its own brand positioning and identity, oh, this time last year? Well, the moment has finally arrived and what a journey we have been on to get here.

Gone are those wonderful Genoa sails (you know, the ones that take you through a prevailing wind, the initial logo of which was beautifully crafted by Pocket Rocket Creative). Staying put is the black and white imagery from Alan’s dad that has been so pivotal to our brand development since we launched in 2013 and remaining, of course, is our commitment to all things simple, honest, straightforward and black and white.

Having worked on countless projects like this for our clients over the years, it has been quite amazing (and slightly distressing!) how difficult this project has been and how long it has taken.

My key reflections on brand development projects include:

  1. The one I have always known – it’s so personal and a really difficult and precise balance to find, particularly with so many passionate stakeholders. Your brand reflects you and every team member that works for your company, everything you are about, everything you want to become and should communicate an accurate, not overinflated, but clear and strong message about the value you create for your customers and everyone you work with.
  2. Cobblers shoes – we are very busy. Of course this project was going to take time trying to develop and deliver it against a backdrop of quite frankly more important client work (although my message to clients is obviously that you should really take care of yourself first!) – thank goodness for the Christmas break giving us some light relief to get things together.
  3. Wood for the trees – with clear, tried and tested processes now in place, heaps of experience and lots of intuition and knowledge, at GB we all relish and love these projects when delivering them for clients. However when it came to examining ourselves and crafting our messages and positioning for our own brand, boy has that been hard!

The key question however is did we practice what we preach in the development of our own brand identity?

  • Were our clients and contacts involved in terms of their feedback helping us shape our message? Yes.
  • Was everyone in the Genoa Black team involved in this project? Yes, to varying degrees. And its been a brilliant whole team effort.
  • Did we look at the market landscape to help build our own brand strategy? Absolutely.
  • Did we follow our comprehensive process to help get the project delivered? Kind of!

For others, anyone else’s new brand identity is pretty meaningless until actually experienced. For us however this is a major milestone for Team GB in our growth and progression. Feeling a little bit more grown up, really clear on where we are going and excited about the space we are going to snap up through services, products and geographically, we are starting 2018 with a fresh re-start.

Feedback (polite and constructive of course) very much welcome and a really big thanks to our wonderful team for helping us to get this next phase in our next phase of evolution!


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