Karina McFall was appointed Internal Brand & HR Manager to drive our business growth with an effective human resources and people strategy. In this article she offers insight into our dedication to talent recruitment and development.

Thirty-five per cent of global employers express difficulty finding candidates with the right skills to fill open positions. Additionally 50 per cent report talent shortages which affect their ability to meet client needs, with a further 40 per cent saying a lack of skills has reduced their competitiveness and productivity. This is not an experience we have had in the last few months at Genoa Black. As we move forward into 2018 we are excited by the possibilities within our own team as it flourishes and grows, as well as the vibrant new talent coming onboard for the start of 2018; a Senior Communications Manager, an International Development Manager and a Brand Marketing Graduate.

Genoa Black founder, Claire Kinloch, has always recognized the importance of nurturing the talent within the existing team and has ensured that supporting talent development is a key role of the management team. The Genoa Black ethos is that good leaders facilitate the development of others as well as bringing talents on board in the right way, at the right moment and nurturing them.

“Teams reach prime performance when they are recognised, valued, developed and the unique talents of all the people within the group are focused towards the delivery of their objectives” says Gaynor Duthie, Client Services Director at Genoa Black. Gaynor joined Genoa Black in 2013 with two years experience and in the space of four years rose through the ranks to her current position. “Talent is how we live and breathe every day – a mantra which is not only verbalized but executed within our rapidly growing organisation. A genuine belief that each person has talent and it is the job of a leader to allow them to develop it.”

It is this progressive view of talent which facilitated Gaynor’s’ discovery and recruitment of Tom Barton who became a Genoa Black intern on the 21st of August 2017. Within a few short weeks, the team all recognised that this dapper young man with a penchant for waistcoats and post it notes was much more than an eager and enthusiastic intern, there to gain insight and experience for his own education. Tom, perhaps through his experience of coaching hockey at an international level, proved himself to be a true team player throwing himself into research, workshop assistance, supporting visual identity development, digital campaigns and quite literally anything the team shared with him. Tom’s talent was recognised, was nurtured and as a result at the very start of this New Year 2018, Tom became an employee, a full time member of the team, our Brand Marketing Graduate. One of our core Values at GB is to be – Responsible: Be completely responsible for your work and how you support the business, the team and your clients. Tom’s talent and obvious understanding of this essential value alongside his Meaningful contribution and Flexible approach which are also our values led us to Invest in Tom, to engage with this Progressive talent who is so clearly committed to his own learning and development which will fuel a creative and strategic ethos that drives commercial value for our clients.

Our ‘Act now or miss out’approach to talent has proved to be phenomenally successful in the last year of business and as we continue to both nurture and recognize the existing talent within our team, there is new talent on the horizon ready for imminent embarkation and the next installment of this wonderful journey which is Being GB.

Interested in working for Genoa Black? We welcome talent formally, informally and collaboratively. If you feel you could help us build our legacy now or in the future, send your CV and a covering letter to hello@genoablack.com.


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