Our most honest critics, our clients, have officially recommended us as a trusted partner who can help your business uncover success in 2018, by placing us on the Recommended Agency Register.

We have received an unbelievable 203 independent client ratings through the Recommended Agency Register (RAR), for work completed over the past 12 months, scoring an incredible average of 9 out of 10. Not only that, this client feedback has led to Genoa Black retaining its recommended agency listing for 2018, in a company record 18 categories of work; including Marketing and Brand Strategy, Research, Campaign Planning, Digital and Design. With the recommendations we received some great testimonials from clients, calling us “flexible, determined and professional” and describing our work as “tailored, specific, useful and creatively strategic”.

We achieved an incredible average score of 9/10 across 203 independent client ratings. Read exactly what our customers have said about us here.

Genoa Black is a marketing company that helps clients achieve growth by working closely with them to understand how they can create greater value for their business. We confront the ‘agency-norm’ that agencies are only interested in the “fluffy stuff”, instead relentlessly focusing on strategy that leads to growth and success. This sees our clients successfully compete and differentiate in their own market so that they can actually see bottom line, measurable growth. This is not an accident or personal preference to a style of working but a tried and tested approach. Our experience tells us that by developing a well informed, considered and focused plan clients will get better results, faster.

Strategy breeds success. Reflecting on the recent Winter Olympics, athletes would have looked at the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor and the conditions of the playing field to inform their strategy. As our clients enter their own stage we want them to also have a strategy designed and planned to achieve one aim, to put them in first place.

Why not get in touch and arrange a, no fee, kick off meeting with our team of client recommended experts. Lets discuss your aspirations and challenges and where your business needs help to breakthrough this year.

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