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Google says your website needs to be mobile friendly

58% of searches in Google are now done from a mobile device. Ever focused on the user experience,  Google has changed the way they rank content to prioritise mobile search by making their entire algorithm “Mobile-First”. Google will now filter search results based only on the mobile-version of the page, this occurs even if you’re searching from a desktop.

Mobile SEO is the practice of optimising your website for users on smartphones and tablets. You should ensure your website is mobile friendly or it will be penalised in the rankings. If this sounds daunting and confusing, don’t worry, Backlinko offer a complete definitive guide to mobile SEO, which we think is brilliant:


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How to make Facebook’s new algorithm work for your business

Have you noticed a drop off in the reach of your organic content? Facebook’s algorithm is now showing “meaningful interactions” from friends and family over content from brands. This means it is harder for your business to get organic content in front of consumers.

Can you still make Facebook work for your business without using paid advertising? Yes you can. With the platform now prioritising content from close connections and posts that are generating high levels of engagement, you will need to focus on using influencers and creating content which will generate comments and sharing.

Check out this fantastic insight for your business from Hootsuite on how the Facebook algorithm works and how to make it work for you:




Consider using micro communities

As businesses see a decline in organic reach on social, the most obvious solution is to buy ads, but what if your business doesn’t have a social advertising budget? How can you increase organic reach without paying for ads?

Instead of one general page representing everything your business does, a micro community is a page or group focused on a specific element or aspect of your business. Creating micro communities can help boost your organic reach, by offering your followers the more tailored and more social experience they are looking for online. Dedicated customer support accounts and regionalised accounts are common examples, but you could create a micro community that revolves around anything – as long as it relates to your business. The most effective micro communities aren’t only focused on a business connecting with customers – they’re also about connecting customers to one another.

Hootsuite reveal more about this effective way to increase the reach of your posts:


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Is your loyalty scheme encouraging customer retention?

Food shoppers are now doing more frequent, smaller shops throughout the week. In response to this Sainsbury’s is shifting its loyalty rewards to focus on how often members shop with them. Is your loyalty scheme encouraging customer retention?


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