Jade Small is a 15 year old with big ambitions. A step on her journey was to carry out a school placement here at Genoa Black. It was an absolute delight having Jade work with us. In this article she reflects on her learnings.

Many of us, myself included, have fallen into the trap of believing marketing is just advertising and sales. Advertising and sales only are only a small piece of a bigger jigsaw. Marketing needs a strategy first, and this is something which many companies forget about.

During my time at Genoa Black I have had the most fortunate experience to have been given access
to a company and with help from my mentor (Tom), create a clear strategy for their marketing. It was amazing to be part of the process of getting to know the client, outline their business objectives, target audience and competition, using this to then create strategic recommendations of who the company should be talking to, what they should be saying and how.

One of the key things I learnt was that you must build a strategy around your target audience. If you have a product or service you should imagine why target markets would buy your product or why they would be driven to use your offering. You must also understand your competitors, to find out what your unique selling point is.

After working on this project for two days I had to present it to two members of the Directors team gaining a valuable insight on how to improve my presentation techniques, as well as a few tips on how say some Scottish place names!

As my final day comes to an end, I am full of gratitude for the Genoa Black team for taking me on
and teaching me these new skills which I plan to take with me into my everyday life to make me more
successful. I am also full of awe at how each member of the team makes sure to not only manage
their own workload but also to pitch in for others if need be. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 3 days at Genoa Black and have enjoyed every moment of this exciting experience.

Thank you!