What’s life like at Genoa Black? We asked our most recent intern, Daniel Hunter, for his perspective and learnings from his internship.


Finding an internship

“After graduating from university, I found myself in a challenging position of not being able to obtain a full-time position in a marketing environment. I decided it would be beneficial to try and gain marketing experience in a growing and successful business to challenge my skills, and expand my knowledge.

I was fortunate enough to secure a six-week internship with Genoa Black, working closely with the team to give a helping hand and to experience a real-life business. The six weeks were a real learning curve, as I completed research projects, created creative briefs for the design team, created newsletters and attended client meetings. All these activities gave me a sense of responsibility within the business, and gave me a chance to portray my skills with an opportunity to impress. I would encourage anyone in the same situation to do the same!”

Working to deadlines

“Within 24 hours, I realised as a marketing agency deadlines are key! Not only delivering to the dates but delivering your highest quality of work. I learnt in an agency, the main aim is to attract new clients while still pleasing the current clients, and being able to complete both is a very sought-after skill.”

Adapting to situations

“Being able to adapt to any situation is a major part of working in a marketing agency, as you are dealing with different clients almost every day. You will learn very quickly that people and communication skills are important, as without them you will struggle to build up relationships. These skills are essential to be able to adapt to a variety of different scenarios and interact with people on many levels. This is crucial to understand as everyone is different, and people have their own way of working. Adapting to different individuals and situations can only improve your business skills as it allows you to step out of your comfort zone and test yourself.”


“Multi-tasking, something that a lot of us struggle with however can only be improved by experience. You quickly find out that if you can’t multi-task and work simultaneously with others, then you will be left behind and made to pick up the pieces! Being able to complete these tasks alongside each other will not only enhance your skills and techniques, it will allow a development of understanding of the importance of being able to multitask.”

Office experience

“An enjoyable office experience makes the day pass quicker, and the work a lot more enjoyable. I have really enjoyed the working environment here at Genoa Black, and am grateful for the time I have spent here. From the first minute I walked in everyone in the office made an effort to introduce themselves, making you feel comfortable from the start. It is an energetic and lively office which is enjoyable to be a part of, however more importantly there is a lot of high-quality work going on!”

Daniel Hunter in the GB Boardroom smiling at the camera