Today we can confirm that we are thrilled to have been shortlisted in three categories at the 2019 RAR Awards in the categories of B2B Marketing (under 40 staff), Strategic Thinking (Under 40 staff) and Market Research.

This is a direct result of having received an unprecedented number (126) client ratings giving us formal industry recognition through referral and testimonials across ten categories from B2B Brand Strategy to Creative Design Strategy.

As strategic marketers, we have helped clients understand the role of marketing in relation to business strategy and sales and how a brand can help build and create value.

Without this, any investment in marketing is unfounded, mistrusted and just leads to problems when it comes to managing and delivering to expectations and, more importantly, clients understanding their role in making things happen.

Our brand development methodologies are tried and tested and proven to provide clear direction, focus and real clarity for businesses feeling confused, misguided or simply not confident in marketing investment and how it is adding value.

There are of course many definitions of a brand, many benefits of brand development and many applications of how it can add value but without a doubt the single most important one is your people. Customer experience is everything and if you remember one thing about your brand, it’s how your company and your people makes your customers feel.

We made our clients feel good. And happy enough to put their name to the Recommended Agency Register and take the time to refer us. That’s our brand right there.

Across we all categories we scored a firm 9/10. See the highlights here

What happened to the other 1? We are working on it.

(Watch this space on May 9th when the winners of the RAR Awards are announced!)

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