It’s not easy to walk into any business for the first time but two Dollar Academy pupils, Rosie Biggart and Suzannah Morris, did just that with Genoa Black last week on a 3-day work experience project. We asked them to tell us about their time with us and reflect on what they have learned…

“With both of us taking Higher Business Management and considering advanced highers, we have been fortunate enough to be part of Genoa Black for three days.

Our time at Genoa Black has been somewhat different compared to school! Being introduced to the working world first-hand has broadened our horizons and allowed us to gain insight as to what a ‘real job’ can be like.

Having an extremely welcoming team made this experience a lot more enjoyable.  Walking into the working environment at Genoa Black was daunting at first, but thanks to the team, we were made to feel very welcome and soon realised that we could absolutely adapt to this environment and learn some new skills.

On day one, Claire gave us an induction to the business and Fiona talked us through the process we would follow for the next few days. In what seemed like no time at all, we were faced with the prospect of completing competitor reviews for a real live research project.

The review consisted of extensive research and comparison between competitors of a company which promotes healthy eating with vending machines and snack boxes. Completing this research has certainly improved our confidence… but also our computer skills – which were quite minimal!

Day two consisted of continuing our competitor reviews which would be completed for day three where we would present our findings to “The dragons” – otherwise known as some of the GB team! Tom led us through each phase of the marketing strategy, which we couldn’t have done without his help.

On day three, we developed the work into a final presentation to showcase our findings to the team in the boardroom. This initially seemed a bit scary but has really helped us to improve the way we present ourselves, how we speak to an audience and we have learned so much from this aspect of the experience.

Throughout our time at Genoa Black, we have learnt that marketing recommendations are only a part of the strategic picture. There is so much preceding work that comes before the final stage which we have now seen from start to finish through our placement. We also learnt that the business objectives, customer needs and competitor positioning are all part of the bigger process and need to be considered together to ensure the right strategy is put in place.

With the relaxed and supportive atmosphere we experienced, we can definitely say we have loved being part of the Genoa Black team.

We would like to thank everyone at Genoa Black for being so patient and kind to us. Inviting interns into your office takes up a vast amount of time and we can’t thank you enough for the effort you have put into our placement and all the advice everyone has given us. The skills and qualities we have learned will certainly be remembered and we will never forget this amazing experience.

Thank you.”