Having never studied business or marketing at school, I wanted to experience what the job had to offer and if I would like to pursue it as a potential career.

Being brought into the office for three days has given me a significant insight into what a marketing job requires and has taught me a lot about a career in marketing offers. My experience was made considerably more enjoyable as a result of a very welcoming and friendly team.

On my first day I was introduced to the business by Gaynor who gave me an insight into the team and the companies that Genoa Black have worked with. Sian then talked me through the task that I would be working on for the next three days, leading up to a presentation of my findings on the last day to the team.

I was set the project of working with a young company to create a marketing strategy for the launch of a new product. In my first day I had to carry out extensive research of the company’s competitor brands to be able to find similarities and differences in each. During this task I learnt a lot about researching and the methods used in the marketing world, which was extremely valuable.

On my second day I started by marketing strategy plan, led by Tom, who gave me an insight into the process of producing a marketing strategy. I started by interviewing several consumers to get an insight into what consumers look for in spirits. I then took this information and used it to add to my strategy.

On day three I finished my research and began to look at how the various consumers and markets would be targeted. This work, compiling my knowledge and research results helped me to improve my researching skills and I felt that this was very valuable experience. Once my strategy plan was prepared, I created a presentation and showcased my plan to the team. I felt that this presentation was a process where I learnt the most from the three days.

I have loved being part of the Genoa Black team and have felt very welcomed, included and never felt as if I couldn’t ask for help. I have learnt many valuable lessons about marketing and the workplace in general. My time was made much more enjoyable because of the team that helped me, which I am grateful for.

I would like to say thank you to Genoa Black and the team for making time for me so worthwhile and being so helpful, it has been an invaluable experience and has certainly helped me have a clearer idea of what I would like to do in the future.


Well done Alex, you absolutely smashed it – Thank you for joining our team and being so brilliant!