19 August 2019

Our London Partner, Sarah Stein, will be speaking at an interactive masterclass at a Scottish Business Network event in the Caledonian Club, London, on 17 September 2019.

Sarah has a wealth of experience to share with the audience, having spent a great deal of her career managing the global brand strategy at Orange. Her belief is that brands are fundamental to the success of a business whatever the size and number of employees. Internal understanding and the external customer experience of a company is inspired and delivered through the consistent and passionate execution of the company’s brand approach.

Since leaving Orange, Sarah has successfully worked with many small, medium and large business across both consumer and business sectors to drive differentiation and growth. Sarah continues to reinforce the power of brands within the innovative and distinctive approach Genoa Black takes to deliver bottom-line success and growth. Her knowledge on evolving brands from UK-centric assets to global organisations, whilst increasing brand value, can now be applied within the Genoa Black 6G process. The transformation of a business to a global stage, through strategy development, is what Genoa Black does best and by joining the team at Genoa Black, Sarah enhances this offering still further.

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