At the start of a new year, looking back on the 151 strategy projects that we delivered in 2019, there are some key themes and business learnings that are common across each of them that showcase the key challenges that businesses are currently facing with their brand and marketing.


Here are my top three:

  1. Marketing doesn’t just happen. More often than not the clients we work with say that marketing is important to them but don’t know how important marketing is to them. Marketing is hard work, it takes effort and alignment with all areas of a business. However, armed with a strong strategy and the right resource to deliver it, whether that is internal or outsourced, your marketing can fly.
  2. You may think your product or service offering is perfect, but your clients don’t think so. Listen to feedback. Ask your clients why they work with you, what made you stand out from the competition when they were deciding to use/buy from you and, most importantly, what you could be doing better for them, and therefore, others like them. The continuous seeking of feedback is vital to help inform a flexible and meaningful marketing strategy.
  3. Internal communications is as important as external communications. Effective internal communication helps ensure that everyone in a business is working collaboratively towards a common goal. It helps develop culture and empowers employees to make the right decisions therefore leading to greater efficiency, productivity and, hopefully, success.


Whether a social enterprise, a global energy supplier, a life science CRO or a food and drink manufacturer, all the strategies that we have developed over the past 12 months reflect common hopes and anxieties of business leaders; how to cut through, how to be more agile, how to future-proof domestic and/or international growth.

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