In late 2019 Genoa Black engaged with an external consultant to help us define our vision and culture.

Vision and culture are two subjects we discuss with our clients on a day to day basis, and over the years we have made several attempts to define these internally but being so close to the business, it was something quite honestly that we had never successfully achieved. It was apparent that we had to ‘practice what we preach’ and engage with an external consultant to help facilitate and guide our team through the process.

The importance of a defined vision and a strong culture has never been clearer than it is today. Through a series of workshops and team sessions, we worked together to create something that every member of our team could connect with and felt ownership of. It was certainly not an easy process. However, through constructive debate we defined our vision for Genoa Black – “Together we want to create a kind of brilliance that makes a meaningful difference”.

Whilst it’s true that having a clear vision is very powerful, it can only be realised in partnership with culture. While vision determines the destination, culture is what is going to get you there.

Culture, as I have found, is a highly misunderstood subject. Beanbags, hoodies and Friday drinks are not culture (although we have those too), rather culture is something that happens every day. It is the climate in which we work, and it is our team that creates it. In November 2019, through further team sessions and culture teams, we defined Genoa Black’s culture as based around three core values – Inspiring, Intrepid and Invested.



In late 2019, the world began to pay closer attention to China, as it fought to battle an unknown. In January 2020, we began to realise this unknown was not just China’s to manage, but one the whole world was about to face, with cases emerging globally. And in March 2020, the true extent of the potential disruption to UK businesses became increasingly apparent.

Like all businesses, we have had to pivot on our business strategy, approach and way of working and it has been a month of unprecedented change. Throughout this, one thing that has stood up to the test, is our culture. Over the last few weeks, our team has pulled together, displayed resilience and commitment like never before, and everyone has played a critical role in supporting and inspiring one another.

Whilst we continue to move forward in a state of unknown, one thing’s for sure, the team at Genoa Black are inspiring, intrepid and invested. And I for one, couldn’t be prouder.


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