At the core of our business is a team that works to create clarity, confidence and meaningful relationships with our clients. When considering this in context of our team values – Intrepid, Inspiring and Invested – something has become very apparent to me during this unprecedented time in history: No matter what chaos comes our way, we stay invested in our clients.

The team at Genoa Black know the heartbeat of our clients’ businesses and work hard to make a meaningful difference for them. This has meant a lot of new ways of working for us and for clients, working beyond expectations to ensure that they have everything they need. From weekly or daily strategic reviews and industry reports or pivot plans to competitor research and impact assessments, we’re pushing ourselves to ensure we deliver for our clients when they need us most.

Though it’s fair to say that we have had our own share of challenges related to the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s also true that we have never been more agile, resilient and innovative. Surprisingly, despite our new reality at working-from-home, we’ve never been closer as a team as we collectively navigate these uncertain times, together.

I’m massively proud of the team and their commitment to supporting the people (and businesses) we work with. To me, being invested is simply a commitment to communicate honestly, approach situations with flexibility and be resilient and confident in knowing how we can support and add value in a fast flowing and ever-changing landscape.

We’re not just staying invested in our client’s businesses… we’re invested in relationships with the people we know and care about.

At a time like this, there’s nothing more important to invest in.


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