Covid-19 has brought many challenges for businesses but one which should be of paramount concern is team wellbeing during these unprecedented times. With one study finding anxiety and isolation to be dominant concerns and half of UK workers experiencing declines in mental health since working from home it is apparent the Coronavirus pandemic is having a serious effect on employee wellbeing.

At Genoa Black we have been trialling various initiatives in a bid to keep the team connected, happy and invested. Our daily morning check-in ensures everyone is aware of each other’s priorities and gives an opportunity for anyone to voice any concerns or support required. As well as this our in-house “Wellbeing Busters” have arranged weekly check-ins and confidential 1-2-1 sessions. Our #keepingspiritshigh Slack channel has provided some much-needed laughs. From baking masterpieces to hilarious homework mistakes and positive news pieces we have all found the time to spread some happiness in our own way.

Every team member has pulled together their own work from home plan which is suited to their working day with scheduled breaks away from the screen and time for exercise. With constant reminders of the benefits of daily exercise and fresh air, we have been encouraging each other to get out and enjoy the sunshine (whilst it lasts!) and take up free yoga sessions which I can testify have been doing wonders for clearing the head.

We have also started having after work drinks on a Friday, something that due to location constraints we were unable to do when working from the office. This has been an ideal way to wind down after the week and with pre-lockdown gin deliveries from the Genoa Black Board, we now have weekly ‘Gin Fridays’ blocked out in our calendars. Like many businesses we got involved in the pub quiz craze but after experiencing what can only be described as quiz fatigue, we are now switching up our weekly post-work tipples with our teams tasked to bring something new to the virtual table every week.

There is no doubt that we are experiencing work from home challenges like I am sure many are but these initiatives have certainly made me feel invested in, and on the other side helped me stay focused on the task at hand and empowered to live our culture values: invested, intrepid, inspiring.

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