We are eight weeks into lockdown now, and who would have thought so much could change in such a short period of time. Businesses, business models, lives and livelihoods have all been turned on their head.

Our Chaos to Clarity series started last month helping business leaders start to plan their journey ahead. It was then followed by a look into the learnings from China and potential impact on the UK economy, upsides and downsides. Most recently our team has reviewed global insights and research to produce sector specific reports on the Drinks industry, the Energy industry and today, the Life Sciences sector.

They are all built on the premise that strategy must come first. And it must be informed. But the foundation of strategy is a clear understanding of a unique and relevant value proposition and one that can be commercialised.

Value: Noun

  1. The regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.
Reflection 1: Who is your customer?

Who is it that needs to value your product or service? Has the market changed? Has the audience shifted? Is the buyer and/or influencer a different individual from February?

Reflection 2: What is their pain?

What is your customer’s new pain? How are they feeling? What new problem can you solve? What is behind the project scope, the specification or the sales enquiry?

Reflection 3: What is your relevance?

Specifically, what can you and your business do to solve a customer’s new and current challenge?

Sounds simple. But of course, life and business as we now know it is complex. Think about whether you have these reflections nailed.

Think about the value to your business of having a clear answer to this question.

How much is this worth? Is it worth engaging with the UK’s No.1 strategic consultancy to help you make a step change from chaos to clarity on your future?