MY HOT TAKE: Keep true to your purpose at all times.


Your brand’s purpose has never been more important than today.  In a world of uncertainty, exceptional choice and consumer power, staying true to your brand, valuing the customer, and showing that you care about more than your profit is now just as important as the products and services you offer.


Your brand purpose can have a major impact on how your brand is viewed in the market—and, ultimately, can be the driving force behind your success.


Three key pieces of advice on staying true to your brand purpose:


1. Have one and stick to it

Having a brand purpose is one thing, but standing behind it is another. Consumers will see through a disingenuous purpose; stating what it is just isn’t enough. If you want them to truly believe, trust and love you, you need to be willing to take a stand for your brand purpose, even when it’s hard or costs you money.


2. Keep a consistent culture

Consistent branding is important, but a consistent culture is vital and helps to support your brand’s purpose. By creating a valuable and valued culture, employees become your greatest ambassadors, living your mission statement and sticking to your core beliefs at all times.


3. Core values that never change

Whether you are a start-up or a huge corporate it is essential that you continuously reassess, evolve and flex but one thing should stay consistent – your values.  Build these first and your brand will always be authentic and therefore command respect.


If you’re looking for help to find your brand’s purpose or a plan to communicate it with impact please get in touch.