As a challenger brand, Utopi sought to leverage its internal expertise and position it as the leading expert in the market, educating the audience on the true meaning of smart building performance – with authority and impact.

Gaynor Duthie, Deputy Managing Partner at Genoa Black, said: “As a new business with a vision to become the global authority on maximising building performance through smart technology integration and managed services provision, Utopi needed to seize the challenger brand opportunity. We played a vital role in the delivery of an impactful strategy to disrupt the sector.”

Through its unique approach to people, process and technology, Utopi unlocks the maximum value for its clients by creating the most effective and efficient smart buildings in the world.

By articulating this brand proposition and clear messaging hierarchy, the brand strategy was then activated through a mix of digital and offline activities, and supported through the delivery of a powerful messaging guide to underpin all stakeholder communications, along with a suite of branded collateral to aid business development.