MY HOT TAKE: Right now, personalisation is everything when it comes to engagement.


People have always wanted to be connected, informed, respected and valued. But never more-so than now.

The pandemic and negative economic climate is leaving people feeling adrift, alone and detached, all symptoms driven by new understandable, variable and personal levels of anxiety surrounding their professional and personal lives.

And asking them right now how they feel and what they need, has never been so fundamental to any strategy to connect and drive value from stakeholders.

Critical to doing this successfully is personalising the approach.

Everyone is different in terms of their new working life, their new personal life, their role and their needs. A cookie cutter approach will not be effective so spend time simply thinking about the specific individual or audience and personalise:

    • Content: so its meaningful and relevant to each individual
    • Channel of approach: LinkedIn messaging doesn’t work for everyone. Neither does email. Neither does video conferencing. Ask and figure out the best format in which to engage to give yourself the best chance of connecting
    • Timing: not everyone wants a 7am call, but some people do. Use your insights about individuals to personalise the timing of your approach.
    • Response: understand when you believe is the right time and method of responding. Too quick or too slow and you might not appear to be genuine
    • Delivery: on time, whatever it takes be reliable, accountable in delivering to whatever you have promised. Even if its just a phone call or email
    • Frequency: its a fine line but you need to achieve a good, personal balance between too much (annoying and disengaging) and too little (detached and alone).

Whether you are thinking about engagement with your team or customers, personalisation is everything and should be taken across every form of communication.

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