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The global energy industry is complex, opportunistic and challenging. We offer strategies that help you protect your business through difficult periods and position yourself to win business ahead of any upturn. Having delivered over 130 energy sector projects, our team is confident we can resolve your challenge and help you succeed.

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Genoa Black, from the outset, understood the complex pressures and challenges facing the oil and gas sector and has worked closely with us to drive business development in a challenging environment.

Gavin Lindsay, Global Business Development Director

New technology can revolutionise the world. This potential is often clear. How to communicate this value is not. We will unpick your complex technology and focus audiences on its benefits. Closing in on 100 strategies delivered in this sector, we class ourselves as experts in making technology relevant and understood.

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Through our selection process, it was clear that the team have the right combination of strategic rigour, marketing experience and creativity to help us achieve our business goals.

Ian Pond, Chief Marketing Officer
Gigaclear Plc.

This market is crowded. There are new brands. Emerging categories. Old favourites. Big players. Small disrupters. It is hard to stand out. Having worked with over 80 companies in the sector, we know how to turn you into a brand that people pick up.

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Genoa Black developed the Eden Mill brand and our success to date has been driven by the strategy they developed. Their strategic thinking, thorough research and creative design has made Eden Mill the brand it is today.

Paul Miller, Owner
Eden Mill

Dynamic and progressively evolving, this sector will see huge opportunities for the foreseeable future. But it can be hard to keep a competitive presence. Our team will ensure your company always stands out and appeals to your stakeholders, however diverse.

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Genoa Black are highly professional in their approach, bringing together our ideas with their input to get great results.

Colin Campbell, CEO
The James Hutton Institute

The property and construction industry is everchanging. Wide ranging drivers including economic instability, intelligent buildings and sustainability, create new opportunities as well as challenges. We will help you navigate and position yourself for growth.

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Genoa Black worked in close partnership with our management, operations and business development teams for over two years to drive our company growth.

Andy Dalrymple, Managing Director
Mackenzie Construction

Continuous improvement needs to meet changing customer needs. That is the core focus of the manufacturing sector. We will help you understand customer drivers, so you can accelerate your growth.

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Working as part of our project team, Genoa Black has helped Edrington deliver an internal change management and communication strategy across the company globally.

Enrique Mendez, Programme Manager

Consumer behaviour is changing dramatically. We will help you deeply understand evolving customer needs and develop a strategic positioning that resonates with them in the new world.

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The work with Genoa Black was very helpful and inspiring. Throughout the process they went beyond what was professionally required and showed a real care and interest in our work.

Gavin Neate, CEO

The current climate is fundamentally disrupting the industry. The consumers’ relationship with the sector is changing and you need to adapt to survive.

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Since we appointed Genoa Black as our partner, we have been impressed by their strategic input, ideas and ability to get things done.

Victoria Withy, Head of Communications

We are the preferred supplier to the Scottish Government for strategy, brand and marketing advice. Our public sector experience is exceptional. We have delivered diverse strategic work, with outstanding customer satisfaction, and have a deep understanding of the contractual obligations of working in the public sector.

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Genoa Black offers insightful and strategic thinking. They understood fully the complexities of our audience and stakeholders, effectively consulting and bringing all on board with the process.

Emily Davies, Marketing Team Leader
Perth UHI

If you are a Private Equity or Venture Capital investor, Genoa Black can help de-risk your investment pre-acquisition and maximise growth post-investment. We have worked on over 300 projects involving market, competitor and customer insights. Giving you these insights will help you become more effective in any investment conversation, from either end of the table.

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We have been working closely with Genoa Black over the past few months to develop a clear strategy to support our market launch. The advice received will lay the foundations for a differentiated brand in the global industry.

Craig Everett, Co-Founder

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