Loch Duart

The Business Challenge

To understand perceptions of the Loch Duart brand, farming methods and service with diverse and international clients, to help ratify the business strategy.

The Marketing Breakthrough

We undertook an extensive international insights project with Loch Duart’s customers to develop a clear understanding of distributors’ and other B2B customers’ perceptions of the brand and drivers to purchase in order to maintain, and grow, market share.

Alongside detailed competitor reviews, we developed an in-depth discussion guide and subsequently coordinated a two-month-long telephone research programme with 39 customers, from an initial pool of 43 contacts, across 12 international markets and in four languages.

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We recently commissioned Genoa Black to get a clearer idea of what our customers thought about us.  Genoa Black completed a detailed customer survey to achieve this, diligently coaxing views and opinions from busy customers in various countries around the world. It has been a successful and revealing exercise.

- Andy Bing, Sales Director, Loch Duart.