Subsea Technologies Ltd

The business challenge

Position STL as first choice for innovative products and expertise, whilst expanding the business’ international profile beyond its existing contacts and network.

The marketing breakthrough

To support the positioning and amplification of STL as a trusted pioneer and market leader in developing innovative new technologies for the oil and gas industry, we developed a revamped visual identity and refined messaging as part of a wider brand development project. This also included successful email marketing campaigns, public relations, event support, digital campaigns, award entries, thought leadership and technical features.


Genoa Black has successfully built the STL brand and our profile over the course of 12 months and we have felt a noticeable impact on our business, in terms of a change in conversation with our clients and potential clients where they trust us as a reputable and credible supplier. This greater visibility and professionalism in our marketing efforts seems to be building subconscious confidence in STL through simply having seen and heard of us more and more regularly, and therefore coming to see us as an established, trustworthy and reliable business to purchase from.

- Drummond Lawson, Managing Director of STL.