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At Genoa Black we aim to live by our values of Inspiring, Intrepid and Invested, not only in all our dealings with clients, but also in our endeavours to be a more conscious business, actively pursuing a business strategy in which we seek to benefit both human beings (our team, clients, suppliers and the wider community) and the environment.

We are not only actively pursuing a more conscious strategy ourselves but, in this section, will champion and debate the role of ethics, meaning, mindfulness and consciousness within business, brand and marketing.


We always try to inspire our clients but are also inspired by them on a day to day basis. Recently one client in particular made us really stop and think; so much so that we are now collaborating with them as our CSR partner.

Clean Water Wave

We are exceptionally proud to be working with Clean Water Wave as its strategic business, brand and marketing team.

With around 2 billion people worldwide unable to access clean and safe drinking water, Edinburgh based social enterprise Clean Water Wave has been established with the explicit commitment to getting clean, safe drinking water to communities that are most in need.

Its disruptive technology, the Clean Aqua for Everyone (CAFE) filtration system, is a low energy, long term solution for water treatment, whether for drinking water or industrial process water providing exceptional performance, reliability, and sustainability, processing between 1,000 and 225,000 litres per day with minimal requirements for maintenance and mains power.

Working directly with the founding partners, Genoa Black will be providing free support in order to help Clean Water Wave scale and grow both in the UK and internationally, making an impact where it is needed most and supporting them on their mission to provide 10 million people with clean safe drinking water in 10 years.

Vicki Whetton, Brand Director at Genoa Black said of the partnership,

“We are thrilled to be working with Clean Water Wave to help support it to reach its mission. Being so passionate about what they do and with such a strong ethos, Clean Water Wave is inspiring to work with and we are proud to now be a part of their team.”

Dr Stephanie Terreni Brown, Managing Director, Clean Water Wave said,

“We are extremely excited about our partnership with Genoa Black. Their expertise in strategic thinking coupled with their experience in delivering targeted, thoughtful outputs mean they are incredibly well aligned with our enterprise and vision. Their team is dedicated, smart, and committed to making a difference and I am sure they will help take us to the next level in our work in the UK and internationally.”


children die every hour from drinking dirty water


people are forced to drink unfiltered surface water from lakes, rivers and streams


people drink water that is contaminated by faeces


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