Alan Kinloch

Founding Partner

Alan Kinloch


From the launch of Genoa Black, I was adamant that the advice we gave would be personable, honest and void of flowery bollocks. Giving strategic advice as we do can sometime be ‘awakening’ for clients. Our advice whilst impactful can be challenging and we do not shy away from this.


Being on the client side for over 25 years I realised that when I required external expertise, I chose not the company but the individual in the company. I wanted to work with people who were experts, lateral thinkers but more importantly enjoyable to work with. Life is too fraught for anything less.


Coming from a background unrelated to the offering that Genoa Black has, I had experienced advice that were completely void of any context to the impact they would actually have.  Genoa Black makes the conscious effort to build ROI into why we recommend a particular course of action.

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