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7 Apr 2021

HOT TAKE – Importance of your bid when winning work

Anne Farr is a Senior Proposal Consultant from Strategic Proposals. She is an expert in her field of writing compelling bids and tenders that are successful in winning business so we asked her to offer some practical advice that we could share with our wider audience.

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31 Mar 2021

HOT TAKE – Online meetings are critical for your business – so make them interesting.

Claire Kinloch, CEO of Genoa Black, highlights why online meetings should be prepared and planned with as much thought as for face-to-face meetings.

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23 Mar 2021

HOT TAKE – Stop talking about a ‘new normal’.

Alan Kinloch, Founding Partner of Genoa Black, discusses why it is better to be an 'opportunist'.

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8 Mar 2021

HOT TAKE – Owner’s Dilemma

Alan Kinloch, Founding Partner of Genoa Black, highlights some of the issues business owners experience in the absence of a good business strategy.

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25 Feb 2021

HOT TAKE – A good strategy will fail your business if it is poorly communicated.

Rob Potter, Client Strategy Director at Genoa Black, discusses the need for clear communication when it comes to implementing your business strategy.

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24 Feb 2021

HOT TAKE – Cultivating ‘low hanging fruit’ is a business priority.

Claire Kinloch, CEO, advises business leaders to concentrate on delivering short term ‘easy wins’ in 2021 whilst building strength in the longer term.

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19 Feb 2021

HOT TAKE – Authentic leadership is no longer a choice, it’s essential.

Fiona Simpson, Associate Director, highlights the need to 'get real' in order to develop successful business relationships.

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17 Feb 2021

HOT TAKE – Africa needs what’s left of the world’s carbon budget

Tom Barton, Researcher and Strategic Planner, discusses why a standardised global approach to fighting climate change will not work.

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2 Feb 2021

HOT TAKE – The word collaboration is overused and under actioned

Claire Kinloch applauds the final coming of real collaboration as the result of the pandemic and advises how to harness it.

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