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Business growth, in its true essence, is advancing your business towards a vision.

We will help you do that.

We invite ambitious business leaders who desire growth to step into the Genoa Black Growth Circuit — our dynamic pathway that empowers you to conquer your vision. 

Step one: Diagnose.

The circuit starts with diagnosing the health of your business.

Research >
Our researchers can carry out a number of business intelligence exercises that audit your business and curate a detailed assessment of your market. Good business planning begins with a comprehensive understanding of where the business is today.

Step two: Define.

Moving round the circuit, we move onto transforming your aspirations into a clear business plan.

Strategic planning >
Our strategy consultants deliver business plan development, covering a range of ambitions including but not limited to commercialisation, diversification, internationalisation, market penetration and exit.

Step three: Design.

Once we have a plan defined, we ensure that the pillars of your business – people, promotion and process – are primed to support the first steps of your growth plan and then scaling beyond.

Promotion >
Our team will develop your brand, your approach to marketing and your sales strategy, in support of your business plan.

People >
Aligned to your business plan, our team and partner pool will design strategies for your culture, talent development, recruitment, HR and governance.

Process >
In order to thrive, organisations require a range of digital processes, leveraging our partner pool we design and deliver digital processes that meet the needs of your stakeholders, staff and customers.

Step four: Deliver.

Finally, our team and partner pool offer the following retained services that will help you run your business.

Outsourced marketing department.

Outsourced creative studio.

Ongoing board advisory and strategy leadership.

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Sounding board.

Our sounding board service provides you with an additional perspective on what your next steps should be within our Growth Circuit framework.

Define your ambitions and we will give you a half hour meeting with one of our lead consultants to discuss your next steps.

Unlock the power of a fresh perspective.

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