Strategic Planning

Diagnose / Define / Design / Deliver

Strategic certainty for your business

Your business should never be on a passive, directionless journey. It needs a clear end vision and a road map for getting there. We help with both. In the Define phase of the Growth Circuit, we move onto transforming your aspirations into a clear vision and defining a tangible, realistic route to achieving it.

We help businesses define a vision for their growth and a business plan for achieving it. Our team has expertise covering all types of business vision, from commercialisation and market penetration, to internationalisation and exit.


We start by delving into the depths of your aspirations, peeling away the layers of ambiguity and extracting the essence of the ambition for your business. Together we will develop a crystal-clear articulation of your vision and set a unifying direction.

Business plan

With our strategic expertise, we will then bridge the gap between vision and reality, by defining a concrete plan that can propel you towards your goals. We will break down your lofty, grand vision into actionable steps that will take you there.

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Are you ready to plan?

At Genoa Black we insist that before we begin a business plan project, you complete the Diagnose phase of the Growth Circuit – a crucial step where you unearth valuable information and arm our consultants and your team with a profound understanding of your unique business. Only having completed a Diagnose phase, will we be equipped to make informed decisions that will drive your businesses forward. Good business planning begins with a comprehensive understanding of where the business is today.

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