Alan Kinloch

Commercial Director

Owner and co-founder of Genoa Black, Alan’s background is 30 years of fund management experience in London and Scotland. Having built and managed the regional office of a PLC and having led fast growth companies, Alan has a non-marketing background which sees him challenge the agency and marketing norm. Passionate about left field thinking, Alan is well informed and well versed across a diverse sector base, including entrepreneurship and investment scenarios.


Call: 07795 442168


With an unwavering passion and ambition for the business, its people and its clients, Alan brings market and industry insight, a rigorous approach and an unconventional perspective to our work.


With the belief that anyone can achieve anything if given the right opportunity and support, Alan is protective, inspiring and challenging of everyone in the team to ensure they are always pushing themselves to be their very best.

I look for the unconventional in how our clients can achieve better results from what they do.