Karina McFall

Internal Brand and HR Manager

Karina was appointed Internal Brand & HR Manager in 2017 to drive our business growth with an effective human resources and people strategy. Karina brings a wealth of life and business experience and knowledge, to help support and build the ever-growing Genoa Black team. She is responsible for human resources strategy and planning, staffing, employee relations and talent management and development.


Clients need engagement with trusted, reputable and capable marketing professionals who are always operating at their best. Karina ensures that Genoa Black has a high performing team with the knowledge and expertise to deliver client value.


With boundless inspiration, nurturing and positivity, Karina provides a trusted source of support which builds and champions a culture with a focus on wellbeing, learning and progression. This results in a dynamic, fulfilled team with a mindset for growth.

At GB, my role is to ensure that we recruit and we retain the hearts and the minds of the amazing people who come to work with us.